We are Spray Dryer System Manufacturers. Spray drying Technology, which is mostly used to extract powder from the Liquid or slurry by applying Hot air on the sprayed Droplet of Slurry or Liquid. Due to the hot air, the water gets evaporated to form the feed and converted into powder. This is the preferred method of drying of many thermally-sensitive materials which are used in foods, pharmaceuticals, agro and much more.The spray dryers are co-current and countercurrent types.

Prochem Systems has house expertise of engineering spray dryers to suit a variety of applications and product quality requirements.With firm commitment towards quality, we are manufacturing and supply a large range of Spray Dryers. These dryers are used in numerous industries for drying and evaporating water from thermally-sensitive materials like foods and pharmaceuticals. Our speciality dryers are durable in construction and are extremely efficient.

Spray Dryer Manufacturers

Spray dryers are widely used to manufacture homogeneous, free-flowing powders at a controlled particle size from a solution or suspension. Spray dryers are used in numerous gas cooling and liquid waste applications.Prochem Systems is a leading supplier of all sizes and configurations of spray dryers. Industries served to include chemicals, ceramics, catalysts, minerals, detergents, pigments, and salts. product include large and small scale spray dryers, spray coolers, and high-pressure nozzles for spray drying. Prochem Systems is known for giving the best value in spray dryers with its combination of experience, quality, client service, and competitive evaluation.

Evaporation Capacity: Range from 1 Kg/Hr to 4000 Kg/ Hr
We have in-house pilot plant facility.
General spray drying applications for –
Food: Milk, Herbal Extracts, Papen etc
Pharmaceutical: Antibiotics, Medical Ingredients, Additives, cattle feeds etc
Industrial: Paint Pigments, Ceramic materials, catalyst supports, Foundry Fluxes, textile, Reactive Dyes etc.

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