Bag Dumping Station

Bag Dumping Station with Collector

Bag Dumping Stations which will efficiently reduce material wastage and eliminate the requirement to scrub a remote dirt collection site, whereas protective workers and preventing plant contamination. we tend to are one of the dependable manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of superior quality Manual Bag Dump Stations. the product exhibits high slitting speed, together with sensible environmental protection.

Finely powdery materials tend to create dangerous and unhealthy dirt clouds at the unloading / discharging purpose and build pollution issues and material wastage , an easy and cheap answer is to use a Bag Dumping station that permits convenient and dirt free unloading of manually cut baggage. The Bag Dumping station is appropriate for manually unloading the contents like powders, granules, flakes, pellets etc

It consists of an integral hopper into that contents of the baggage are manually unloaded . The hopper is fitted with a mesh to separate skinny and long fibres. A dirt filter is mounted onto this hopper. The dirt filter operates with a reverse pulsejet cleansing mechanism. dust generated whereas evacuation of the bag, is collected onto the filter baggage and dislodged by the air pulses. A centrifugal fan mounted on top of the filter unit evacuates dust free air to atmosphere.

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